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Let’s talk for a moment about the 5 senses, shall we?  These are a human being’s God-given abilities to perceive information.  That’s my very own definition.  I could practically be wikipedia, but let’s keep my brilliance to ourselves for now. The 5 senses include: Sight Hearing Smell Taste Touch I will even go so far as to say that I… Read more →

A TINY Glimpse of Hell

We all have fears.  Fear of heights.  Fear of death.  Fear of public speaking.  Fear of spiders.  Fear of small, enclosed spaces.  The list goes on. As a mother, I have my own set of “mommy fears.” They almost all involve harm to my children in some form or another.  Some of my fears involve harm to me or my… Read more →

My Failure At Awesomeness

I love Facebook, and I hate Facebook.  It is a source of constant addiction for me.  But I have decided that it is also the 21st Century version of “keeping up with the Jones’…” (which is ironic since that’s the name of my husband’s maternal side of the family…sigh.)  I realized this when a friend of mine called and commented… Read more →

I AM Right Here

School has begun…again.  Back to early mornings, quick breakfasts, lunch boxes, and getting dressed before noon.  Back to backpacks, homework, projects and lots of time in the car.  Sigh…time is going too fast!    I was reminded this week of how quickly the last year has flown by.  It seems like I just took Hailee to her first day of… Read more →

If Today Were My Last…

Someone posed the question today, “what would you do if today was your last day on Earth.”  For whatever reason, this question struck me, and I really began to think about it.  I would not be so concerned about my to-do list, my grocery shopping or that last load of laundry waiting to be folded.  I would want every last… Read more →

Pregnant or Crazy…I Think Both!

I’ve never been one of those “crazy pregnant women.”  I’ve been emotional before, but not crazy like they show in movies, the stereotypical pregnant woman.  I’ve never been the pregnant woman who cries at coffee commercials, screams at her husband because he didn’t take the trash out or loses it when someone gets a parking spot first.  Honestly, I thought… Read more →

Life OUT of the Fishbowl

Adam and Eve ate the fruit.  Consequence: Leaving the Garden of Eden and forcing all of mankind to be born into sin. Jonah disobeyed God when he was told to go to Ninevah.  Consequence: Being swallowed by a giant fish. Ethnee and Hailee decided their fish should enjoy life OUT of the fishbowl.  Consequence: well, let me tell you the… Read more →

It’s Wise to Call First!

I had a surprise knock on the door this week.  Jehovah’s witnesses.  Two lovely ladies who have been here before and strangely remembered my name, the ages of my kids and the dog’s name from the last time they stopped by.  They know my husband is a “preacher” but they still want to convert me, I suppose.  I have wondered… Read more →