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#VOTE: Even if It Comes Down to Santa and The Easter Bunny

*Contented Sigh*  It’s November.  The beautiful season that brings so much change.  Leaves turn beautiful colors, crimson and gold, and scatter the ground.  Boots and scarves make their way out of the dusty recesses of the closet.  Starbucks continues it’s coveted Autumn menu.  Pumpkin Spice, we want to marry you and have your tiny, orange babies.   Or you live… Read more →


I realize there has been a lot of talk this week about my sad van (read more here) and the realities that go along with being a mother of many people, but today I have hit a new low…or high…however you want to look at it.  Today one of those “things” happened.  One of the things that “I would NEVER…” Similar… Read more →

40 Days of Stati

40 Days.  That is the number of days I am unplugged from the attention-sucking, child-ignoring, time-consuming media that is Facebook.  40 Days.  For someone with an addiction to status updates, this feels like an eternity.  Like Jesus will come back and I will be raptured up to Heaven and join the celestial choir all before I can update everyone about… Read more →