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Why I Stopped Sleeping With The Pastor and Other Such Successful Failures

I stopped sleeping with the pastor.  There.  I said it.  Like ripping off a bandaid.   Exhale.   Now the world knows.   You see, I’ve been sleeping with the pastor since I was 20 years old.  –>Because I was married to him.<–  We took our first senior pastorate as newlyweds, fresh off our honeymoon.  I’m serious.  Two weeks after our… Read more →

Deep Musings of The Preacher’s Wife: Introduction

This blog.  Well.  This is a hard one.  Not for me to write…because I love authenticity.  I love real.  I love raw and honest and transparent.  The problem is, others don’t.  And in my community…where pastor’s wives live and breathe and love and bleed…it is often unsafe to declare transparency to the world.  And that is a tragedy.  For the… Read more →