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Why I Stopped Sleeping With The Pastor and Other Such Successful Failures

I stopped sleeping with the pastor.  There.  I said it.  Like ripping off a bandaid.   Exhale.   Now the world knows.   You see, I’ve been sleeping with the pastor since I was 20 years old.  –>Because I was married to him.<–  We took our first senior pastorate as newlyweds, fresh off our honeymoon.  I’m serious.  Two weeks after our… Read more →

Deep Musings of The Preacher’s Wife: Introduction

This blog.  Well.  This is a hard one.  Not for me to write…because I love authenticity.  I love real.  I love raw and honest and transparent.  The problem is, others don’t.  And in my community…where pastor’s wives live and breathe and love and bleed…it is often unsafe to declare transparency to the world.  And that is a tragedy.  For the… Read more →

Caution Flags & PomPoms

So I married this guy 13 years ago.  He’s great.  Super cute.  Spontaneous.  Would give me the world on a platter if I wanted it.  Bend over backwards to help me succeed.  Knight in shining armor…all that kind of stuff.   And he’s a visionary.  A big one.   All of those people who are married to visionaries don’t need… Read more →

Choose Love

A little over a week ago, I stood up in front of 30 women, soul bared, and opened my mouth.  I let words flow out that I did not want to say.  I let Jesus take over because that’s what He asked me to do.  But I did not want to.  You see, He had very specifically asked me to… Read more →

It Needs To Be Said

Last week I found myself sitting in an ER waiting room at 11pm.  It wasn’t for me.  It wasn’t for anyone in my family.  Actually it wasn’t even for the patient I was technically there to see.  It was for a mama. This mama is light years ahead of me in the experience department.  Her children are grown and she’s… Read more →

40 Days of Stati

40 Days.  That is the number of days I am unplugged from the attention-sucking, child-ignoring, time-consuming media that is Facebook.  40 Days.  For someone with an addiction to status updates, this feels like an eternity.  Like Jesus will come back and I will be raptured up to Heaven and join the celestial choir all before I can update everyone about… Read more →