Author: Jaci Lambert

Caution Flags & PomPoms

So I married this guy 13 years ago.  He’s great.  Super cute.  Spontaneous.  Would give me the world on a platter if I wanted it.  Bend over backwards to help me succeed.  Knight in shining armor…all that kind of stuff.   And he’s a visionary.  A big one.   All of those people who are married to visionaries don’t need… Read more →

Choose Love

A little over a week ago, I stood up in front of 30 women, soul bared, and opened my mouth.  I let words flow out that I did not want to say.  I let Jesus take over because that’s what He asked me to do.  But I did not want to.  You see, He had very specifically asked me to… Read more →

It Needs To Be Said

Last week I found myself sitting in an ER waiting room at 11pm.  It wasn’t for me.  It wasn’t for anyone in my family.  Actually it wasn’t even for the patient I was technically there to see.  It was for a mama. This mama is light years ahead of me in the experience department.  Her children are grown and she’s… Read more →

40 Days of Stati

40 Days.  That is the number of days I am unplugged from the attention-sucking, child-ignoring, time-consuming media that is Facebook.  40 Days.  For someone with an addiction to status updates, this feels like an eternity.  Like Jesus will come back and I will be raptured up to Heaven and join the celestial choir all before I can update everyone about… Read more →